Convenient Retail Locations
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Sun City Visitor’s Center 16824 N. 99th Ave
Sun Foods Westside 15472 N. 99th Ave
Trader Joe’s 13607 N. 99th Ave
Texaco 99th Avenue & Greenway
CVS Pharmacy 9901 W. Thunderbird Rd
Walgreens 15442 N. 99th Ave
Bell Recreation Center 16820 N. 99th Ave
Bobbie’s Café 10101 W. Bell Road
JB’s Restaurant 9885 W. Bell Road
Sun Health Office 13632 N. 99th Ave
Coco’s Restaurant 9801 W. Bell Road
Sun City Post Office 98th & Bell Road
Mobil 9848 W. Bell Road
Daily News-Sun 10101 Santa Fe Drive
Arco 10303 W. Grand Ave.
Grand Speedy Gas 10279 W. Grand Ave.
Coco’s Restaurant 10243 W. Grand Ave.
China Buffet 10801 W. Grand Ave
Fry’s 10660 W. Grand Ave.
Royal Café 10793 W. Grand Ave.
Walgreens 10707 W. Peoria Ave.
CVS Pharmacy 10727 W. Olive Ave
Safeway 107th Ave. & Olive
Gram’s Mini Mart 103rd Ave. & Olive
JiMichael’s Restaurant 13039 N. 103rd Ave.
Boswell Hospital 10401 W. Thunderbird Road
Boswell Medical Bldg. 10503 W. Thunderbird Road
Lakeview Rec. Center 10502 W. Thunderbird Road
Barber Shop 14813 N. Del Webb Blvd.
Sun City Furniture 14642 Del Webb Blvd.
Sun Foods 14820 N. Del Webb Blvd.
Osco Drugs 10720 W. Bell Road
Safeway 10926 W. Bell Road
Circle K 18610 N. 107th Ave.
Paradise RV Resort 10950 W. Union Hills Drive
Grande Pizza 8996 W. Union Hills Drive
Walgreens 9050 W. Union Hills Drive
Fry’s 91st Avenue & Union Hills
Basha’s, 99th and Beardsley Rd
Best Western 11201 NW Grand Avenue
Motel 6 11133 NW Grand Avenue
Denny’s 11121 NW Grand Avenue
Circle K 13216 111th Avenue
Post Office 11129 Arizona Avenue
Quik Trip 11309 W. Grand Ave
Beardsley Square 12805 Beardsley Road
SCW Shell 18855 R.H. Johnson Blvd.
Walgreens 19003 R.H. Johnson Blvd.
Osco Drug Meeker & R.H. Johnson Blvd.
Alta Villa Pizza Meeker & R.H. Johnson Blvd.
Basha’s Meeker & R. H. Johnson Blvd.
Del Webb Hospital Meeker Blvd. & Grand Ave.
Louisa Kellum Women’s Center 14502 Meeker Blvd
Nan Jing Restaurant 13606 W. Camino Del Sol
Carrie’s Restaurant 13576 W. CaminoDel Sol
Hole N One Restaurant 13573 W. Camino Del Sol
Del Sol Mail 13567 W. Camino Del Sol
Safeway 13503 Camino Del Sol
Coury’s 12321 NW Grand Ave.
Pueblo El Mirage 11201 N. El Mirage Road
Walgreens Dysart Road & Greenway Road
Circle K 15457 NW Grand Ave.
Best Way Deli 16551 N. Dysart Road
Hampton Inn 14783 W. Grand Ave
4 Sons Food Store 15059 R.H. Johnson Blvd.
Albertson’s Grand Ave. & Meeker Blvd.
Safeway Grand Ave. & Meeker Blvd.
Chevron 14445 W. Grand Ave.
Walgreens 14285 W. Grand Ave.
Walmart Grand Ave. & Bell Road
Grand Village Cleaners 14455 W. Grand Ave
99 Cent Store 12751 W. Bell Road
Windmill Inn 125th Ave. & Bell Road
Luby’s 12551 W. Bell Road
IHOP 13734 W. Bell Rd
Days Inn 125th Ave. & Bell Road
Walgreens Bell Rd and Reems Rd
Walgreens Bell Rd and Cotton Lane
Albertson’s Express 16794 W. Bell Rd
Albertson’s 16750 W. Bell Rd
Desert Palms Rest. 12425 W. Bell Road
Chevron 12299 W. Bell Road
Sunflower Resort 16501 N. El Mirage Road
Happy Trails Resort 17200 W. Bell Road
My Favorite Martin’s 14300 W. Bell Road
Cobblesone Auto Spa 13811 W. Bell Rd
Diamond Shamrock Bell Road & Litchfield Road
Walgreens Bell Road & Reems Road
Fry’s Bell Road & Reems Road
Chevron Bell Road & Reems Road
Osco Drugs Sunrise & Clearview
Mulligans 15955 W. Clearview Dr
Zuni’s Coffee 19753 N. Remington Dr.
Osco Drugs 9848 W. Peoria Ave.
Mercer’s Restaurant 9700 W. Peoria Ave.
Earl’s Restaurant 94th Ave. & Peoria Ave.
Fry’s 91st. Ave. & Olive
Fry’s 91st and Union Hills
Fry’s 67th Ave and Bell Rd
Quik Trip 83rd Ave and Union Hills
Chevron 91st Ave. & Olive
Circle K 9049 W. Peoria Ave.
Grand Inn 8955 NW Grand Ave.
Walmart 83rd Ave. & Peoria Ave.
Circle K 7510 W. Peoria Ave.
Albertson’s 83rd Ave. & Deer Valley Road
Walgreens 83rd Ave. & Deer Valley Road
Circle K 83rd Ave. & Deer Valley Road
Osco Drug 91st Ave. & Union Hills
Walgreens 91st Ave and Union Hills
Albertson’s 8950 W. Bell Road
Cracker Barrel 86th Ave. & Bell Road
Texaco Star Mart 84th Ave. & Bell Road
Hampton Inn 83rd Ave. & Bell Road
Quik Trip 91st Ave and Olive Ave
Chowhound Restaurant 11001 N. 99th Ave
Quik Trip 8877 W. Thunderbird Rd
Dillon’s Restaurant 8706 W. Thunderbird Rd
Circle K 6649 W. Peoria Ave.
Osco Drugs 57th Ave. & Peoria Ave.
Circle K 7428 N. 51st Ave.
Bitz-ee Mama’s 7023 N. 58th Ave.
Walmart 59th Ave. & Bell Road
Circle K 5902 W. Bell Road
Arrowhead Hospital 18701 N. 67th Ave.
Basha’s 67th Ave. & Deer Valley Road

Locations for Free Paper
Peoria Library 84th Ave. & Monroe
Peoria Chamber of Commerce 8355 W. Peoria Ave.
Glendale Chamber of Commerce 7105 N. 59th Avenue
Boston Market 67th Ave and Bell Rd
Dillon’s Restaurant 8706 W. Thunderbird Rd
Texaco 5904 W. Greenway
Sage Stone Apts 6233 W. Behrend
Hot bagels 59th Ave and Beardsley
Borders 7320 W. Bell Road
Fry’s 59th Ave and Thunderbird Rd
Archstone Arrowhead Apts 7700 Block of St. Johns
Mike’s Grill 8215 W. Bell Road
Camden Fountain Palms Apts 8820 W. Bell Rd
AM/PM 67th Ave. & Bell Road
Social Security Administration 5907 W. Kings Ave
Newport Landing 5205 W. Thunderbird Rd
K May Donuts 51st Ave and Thunderbird Rd
Glendale Library 59th Ave and Peoria Ave
Big Lots 88th Ave and Grand Ave
Grande Pizza 8996 W. Union Hills Road
Streets of New York 91st Ave and Union Hills
Streets of New York 67th Ave and Deer Valley
Springs at Arrowhead Towne Ctr 17722 N. 79th Ave
AJ’s Fine Foods 67th Ave and Beardsley
Arrowhead Highlands 5901 W. Behrend
Chevron 51st Ave. & Beardsley
Basha’s 67th Ave. & Deer Valley Road
Eagle Crest Apartments 6451 W. Bell Rd
Olive Tree Apts 6201 W. Olive Ave
Gallaria North Apts 10654 N. 60th Ave
Walmart 83rd Ave and Grand Ave
Atlanta Bread Bakery 7530 W. Bell Rd
Montecito Home 17271 W. 87th Ave
Arrowhead Landing 15740 N. 83rd Ave
Bitz-ee-Mama’s Restaurant 59th Ave and Glendale Ave

Locations for Free Paper
Art Museum 17420 Avenue of the Arts
Rosegarden 11596 Sierra Dawn
Sun Ridge 12129 W.Bell Road
ReMax Realtors 12211 W. Bell Road
Sunflower Resort 16501 El Mirage Road
City Store 12425 W. Bell Road
City Manager’s Office 12425 W. Bell Road
NW Valley Chamber of Commerce 12801 W. Bell Road #14
Quality Inn 16741 Greasewood
Windmill Inn 12505 Smokey
Rio Salado College 12535 Smokey
Goodwill 12751 W. Bell Road
Walmart Grand & Bell
Sun Village 14300 W. Bell Road
Happy Trails Resort 17200 W. Bell Road
AZ Traditions 17634 W. Bell Road
Cigarette Store Grand Ave. & Reems Road
Mario’s Hair Salon Grand Ave. & Parkview
Vista de la Montana 18510 Parkview
Cottage Park 17927 Parkview
Surprise City Court 12604 Santa Fe Drive
Subway Bell Rd and Reems
La Solana 14950 W. Mountain View Blvd
McDonald’s Grand Ave and Reems
99 Cent Store 12604 W. Santa Fe Dr.
Canyon Ridge Apts 17447 N. Ave of the Arts
The Palms at El Mirage 16101 N. El Mirage Rd
Chaparral Winds Apts 16611 N. West Point Parkway
Surprise Public Library Bullard Ave
CVS Pharmacy Reems Rd and Greenway Rd
Hot Bagels Grand Ave and Bell Rd
Albertson’s 16750 W. Bell Rd
Albertson’s Express 16794 W. Bell Rd
El Mirage City Mgr 12145 W. Grand Ave
El Mirage Senior Center 14010 N. El Mirage Rd