Program Options
Special Programs

Let the Daily News-Sun provide news for your classroom. Order the newspaper one, three or five days a week to incorporate the newspaper across the curriculum for current events, language arts, writing skills, social studies, math, science and more.
For more information on how the Daily News-Sun can become a part of the classroom, contact NIE director Cathy Carlson by e-mail [email protected] or by calling (623) 876-2580.

5-Day Drop
This is a great option for teachers who want students to have current newspapers available every day. Newspapers are delivered M,T,W,Th,F, throughout the school year. You will automatically receive all educational supplements (tabs).

3-Day Drop
This is a nice option for teachers who cannot use 5-day delivery but want to use the newspaper regularly. Newspapers will be delivered T,W,Th, for the entire school year. You will automatically receive all tabs.